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Cloud accounting has made things significantly more seamless and efficient for WeCorporate.

Finance and compliance experts, WeCorporate Global Consultancy helps local SMEs get a head start in cloud accounting with the right digital solutions

RECOGNISING a gap in the market, finance experts Adam Teh and Lim Pei Hau joined forces to create WeCorporate, a global consultancy which prides itself on its “small firm personality” with “big firm capabilities”.

“We began in 2018 in a little SoHo office in Petaling Jaya.“Both Adam and I wanted to help local SME business owners simplify and automate their finance operations. We also observed that with the e-commerce boom, many traditional businesses were increasingly keen to digitalise,” shared Hau, Director of WeCorporate.

The firm was launched as a one-stop-shop assisting clients with a full range of corporate advisory services from company set-up with accounting, payroll, tax and financial advisory, to regulatory and corporate migration matters. Focusing on start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs, the firm helps clients manage complex financial, compliance and accounting management processes, so that they can concentrate on growing their business.

Founders Lim and Teh both studied and worked in Big Four accounting firms in the United Kingdom before returning to Malaysia because they wanted to be closer to home. “Asia is the place to be,” Teh shared.

Teh noted that it was their work experience in the UK which inspired them to set up WeCorporate. “We saw first-hand how cloud accounting solutions and corporate services offerings could benefit both practices and their clients. When we returned to Malaysia, we realised that the many inefficiencies in how business admin work was performed, could be addressed with the help of digitalisation and automation.”




The duo then embarked upon their mission to help businesses take advantage of cloud accounting technology to improve their business and accounting processes. Today, the firm serves about 800 SMEs and start-ups across Malaysia.

Lim Pei Hau

Making the right moves for growth

In 2020, WeCorporate merged with Singaporean company, InCorp Global to grow their footprint and help more businesses in Malaysia set up and expand across Asia.

The firm’s Malaysian SME clients could now leverage InCorp’s network to expand into Singapore without having to engage another firm, thereby accelerating the process. According to Lim, the merged firm’s strong cross-network of operations enables it to offer clients big firm capabilities to serve a broader clientele base, even as just a 30-strong team in their KL-based office.

Lim added: “We offer a one-stop solution for SMEs. This appeals to them because many SMEs find it both costly and time and labour intensive to engage multiple firms simultaneously to provide adjacent services. Wee package our services together, from helping clients register their company, to setting up business accounts, and managing their accounting, streamlining all of that work and offering our clients greater efficiencies and visibility from the very start.”