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,Mah Sing founder and group managing director Tan Sri Leong Hoy Kum said the group would be launching RM2.4bil worth of projects this year.

PETALING JAYA: Property developer Mah Sing Group Bhd is confident it can achieve its 2022 sales target of RM2bil, supported by the launch of affordable homes that the company believes will be met by strong demand.

Mah Sing founder and group managing director Tan Sri Leong Hoy Kum said the group would be launching RM2.4bil worth of projects this year.

“The price points will be attractive, with 94% of Mah Sing’s product offerings priced at RM700,000 and below, while 60% are products priced at RM500,000 and below.

“Mah Sing has locked in RM450mil in new property sales in the first quarter of 2022,” he told StarBiz.

Leong said the stellar sales performance recorded in the first quarter of this year was driven by strong take-up rates for affordable product offerings in strategic locations with a large captive market, as well as well-designed features that are in line with current market demand.

“The group’s projects continued to record a rebound in sales momentum as the reopening of Malaysia’s borders and transition to the endemic phase spurred a recovery in economic activities.

“Mah Sing has planned more launches from the second quarter onwards. Coupled with the right marketing campaigns and digital marketing efforts by the group, we are well-positioned to meet our sales target of RM2bil.”

Leong said it has launched its “Lift Off with Mah Sing” campaign to help boost sales in January.

Mah Sing’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ho Hon Sang (seated middle), with other Mah Sing senior management team members, introducing “LIFT OFF with Mah Sing” Sales Campaign

“The campaign showcases 21 projects for the full year 2022, bundled with hassle-free, affordable sales packages for first-time home buyers, upgraders and younger demographics who are looking into investment or own-stay.“Even so, the group is hoping that the government can consider continuing the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) as it did help to drive property sales in the country.”

Leong said the volume of residential transactions picked up significantly during the final quarter of last year, as house buyers were trying to beat the year-end deadline to qualify for benefits under the HOC.

“We strongly believe that the continuation of HOC will greatly benefit the property industry, especially during this economic recovery period,” said Leong.

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